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Enchant Cost Estimator

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This calculator will allow you to make some estimations on enchanting costs. However, Rakion has a lot of variance and at best this tool estimates what you can expect to experience over very large numbers of enchanting attempts. Also, the averages are only as accurate as the rates you input.
*Note*: Small differences in rates can have a huge impact in cost, be mindful of this.

Known Issues: If the results are negative, it means your average enchant attempt is negative, and on average you will not be able to increase your item.

(Total increases, so if you want to go +12 to +15, goal increase is 3)



(Downgrades are -1 to -3, do not use a negative sign in this field, decimals accepted)

Rakion Enchanting Rakion Enchanting Rakion Enchanting Rakion Enchanting

Also, feel free to check out this excel file which contains cost estimations for cores and orehalcons based on various average increases per attempt(success rate minus (downgrade rate * average downgrade)).

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