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Rules for being a Bunge Holes member.

#1 - Members must have logged on to gunbound at least once a month. If a member has been inactive on gunbound for a month, the member will be removed.

#2 - Members are not allowed to scam, hack, or abuse. This includes giving kills for avatar, hacking ID's, trade scamming, botting, or abusing in any other way, shape, or form. This is against gunbounds rules and will get you suspended or even banned.

#3 - All members are required to have a registered account at the forums, though they are not required to be active on them.

#4 - Member must treat each other with general decency, members found to be offensive often and generally insensitive will be warned. If the matter continues, the member may be removed from the guild.

#5 - Members are to obey those higher in rank than themselves. If problems do occur, they must be dealt with in a civilized manner, privately, and with another ranking member if needed. Cooperation is a must have in this guild.

#6 - Just because you are in the guild, does not entitle you to avatar. As a guild, we do not gift avatar to new members, if a person wants to join a guild just to get avatar, this is not the place to come. There are benefits members recieve, or will recieve, but members who wish to join and beg for avatar are not welcome here.

#7 - All members must be at least the rank of battle axe (double sided axe).

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