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'Grading' removes the enchant from a +15 or higher item and gives it a small stat bonus.

- Grade +1
- Grade +1, possibly +2 (pretty low odds)

Grade +1 Magic Grade
Item icon becomes green
Item gains 2 stats(2 total)
Grade +2 Rare Grade
Item icon becomes blue
Item gains 1 stat(3 total)
Grade +3 Hero Grade
Item icon becomes green
Item gains 1 stat(4 total)
Grade +4 Legendary Grade
Item icon becomes orange
Item gains 2 stats(6 total)

Stat Gains

Upon initially grading, an item gains a 'prefix'. This prefix identifies the highest stat the item has gained, but does not necessarily impact the stats gained in grading higher. The prefix can change from grade to grade.

  • Prefixes

    The amount of stats gained by grading can vary a lot, but is normally between +.5 and +6 worth of stats per stat gain (Adjusted for armor/energy/cp/speeds of course).

  • Example Item
    Graded Golden Cane Body
    Being "Magic" grade gave this item 2 relatively weak stats. 'Immortal' is for the energy stats. 4 energy is worth 2 stat points, and .01 move is worth about .5 stats.

  • Advanced Stat Info
    Each gain will give a stat bonus of +1 to +6. Based on a sample of 153 stat gains, the average stat bonus per gain is 2.3. Meaning, a legendary item will add 14 total bonus stats on average. The standard deviation was 1.22. Out of the 153 gains, only 1 was a +6 and +5s were also quite rare.

    Last Edited: 2012-01-21
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