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Meaning of Bungeholes

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Meaning of BH
Many people who play Rakion don't completely understand what the term "Bunge Hole" stands for and most often mistake it for a mistyped "Bung Hole" and automatically assume that a Bung Hole is an anus. (Thank you Beavus and Butthead) And for the record a Bung Hole is a hole used to fill or empty a cask. Anyway, a Bunge Hole is a term relating to Gunbound, the game where BH originally started. The term "Bunging" means destroying all the land beneath an opponent so that they fall to their death. In fact it's actually a typo of the word "Bungee" but no one recognizes it as that.
Bunging is typically not a method used to win a game in Gunbound though, usually others will reduce life to zero, but in the case of a bunge, it doesn't matter how much life the players have, and is often considered a cheap win because the player didn't "earn" the kill, and because in order to destroy land you actually have to miss your opponent. But it actually is a very strategic method of fighting(when it can be done) and requires a lot of planning to pull off effectively. So in short bunging is a symbol of both unorthodox play style and strategy, two values BH upholds rather well.
And being Bunge Holes, we are the hole you may fall through to your death when you think you're doing well, so don't be misled by our misses or our apparent inability to play well, because you might get bunged.

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