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Rakion Port Forwarding

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Rakion Port Forwarding

This is the third section of the Rakion Connection Aid. In this section, you shall read about the ports Rakion uses and how to enable them and use them to your advantage so they work with you, not against you.

If, after the Connection Fix and the TCP Increase, you still experience difficulties connecting to other players and you ping them at 999ms, you should follow this guide.

Most gamers here at Bunge Holes have routers. If you do not, skip this paragraph. In most cases, routers have built-in firewalls. Even after deactivation via the router's firmware, many routers still have basic firewall options activated permanently, and this is the problem most players have.

This thread is designed to tell you how to fix this problem if you are using broadband. More likely than not, you have a router. Most routers have a built in firewall, and this blocks the ping signal. ---> Please click on this link
and select your router. Then, select Rakion in the game list. Follow the instructions and complete them.

Many firewalls also add to the problem. To solve this, you have two choices: you can either turn the programs off (recommended for starting users), or, if you're up to the challenge, tell them that both TCP/IP and UDP port numbers (2300 to 2399) are safe.

For Windows XP users.

Microsoft integrated a weak firewall to Windows XP. We recommend turning it off.

Also, for Microsoft XP users, there's yet another built in firewall. Go to Control Panel -> Security -> Firewalls to turn it off OR edit it again for opening ports (2300 to 2399) UDP and TCP/IP.

Special thanks to *The Tank* for posting some of this on the Rakion free boards.

Brief Summary:

Problem: You get 999ms pings to other players while playing caused because of disabled ports.

Solution: Forward some ports in your router or firewall or disable the firewall.

2300 to 2399 TCP/IP and UDP

Help site (before going, make sure you have your router's make and model number): www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/routerindex.htm

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