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Rakion 999 Connection Fix

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Help Your Rakion Connection
We've all seen people without a ping, we've all experienced connection problems, and they are very frustrating sometimes, especially if you have ever tried playing on a network with friends. Most often, a blank connection will mean you simply aren't connecting to that person. Users who you can't connect with usually are the result of lost packets. There are many tweaks a user can do to their windows registry to help connections , but I won't pain you with having to edit each individual one because there is a program that makes all the fixes for you.

Keep in mind this will not fix everything, this will only help, and it will help most significantly if you like to play on a network with friends.

First off, go to http://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php and download TCP Optimizer.
When you run it, you will get a screen that looks like:

Go ahead and select "Optimal settings" and then "Apply changes" followed by "Ok".
This will help, but to achieve best performance with softnyx, further tweaks must be made.
Now at the main screen, go to "Custom settings" and under "TCP 1323 Options" select "Timestamps" so that both "Timestamps" and "Window scaling" are selected.
Then, next to "Time to Live(TTL):" change the value to 128.
Now your screen should look something like:

Apply these settings.

What those two have done is increased the amount of time before a packet is considered lost and add Timestamps to the header of each packet, helping again with lost packets.
Now, go ahead and play your games and this should help your connection.

On a side note, it is also critical to make sure your router has updated firmware as having out of date firmware can also cause connection problems on Rakion.

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