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Gunbound Accomplishments

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Most Gold In A Win: 2650 - Jowy
Most Gold In A Loss: 1920 - Jowy
Most Points: 27 - Mauler

Most Dk's: 73 - Jowy
Most Dk's in 1 game: 2 - Jowy
Most Triple Kills: 2 - Ninj4/Jowy

Most Damage Done In 1 Shot: 1723 - Ninj4(Kalsiddon2)
Most Non-Mythical Damage In 1 Shot: 1723 - Ninj4(Kalsiddon2)
1k Damage Breaks in one shot(Discluding Kalsiddon): 3 - Jowy

Most Jewel Points Earned In 1 Shot: 100 - Tater
Beat Former #1 Guild in gunbound (blue dragon was in game) - Jowy & Mauler

GBGL August 2004 1st Place - Jowy & Mauler
GBGL September 2004 2nd Place - Elros, Diego & Jowy

*Note: Power Ticket benefits do not count for accomplishments. Example, the most gold win by me (Jowy) was actually more than 2650, but after removing the power ticket benefits, it came out to be 2650.

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