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Why Hacking Is Bad

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  • In A Nutshell:
  • Hacks Cause:
    -Slower/worse quality game development
    -Loss of account value
    -Slower/worse customer service
    -Risk of losing your account

  • Game Development:
  • It's been stated on multiple occasions by Softnyx themselves that they spend the majority of their time dealing with hacks and hackers. This includes catching and banning hackers as well as testing and patching hacks. Obviously, time wasted doing this could have been time spent developing the game. New features, items, cells, etc. take a lot of time to develop, and they would come more often and be of higher quality if Softnyx doesn't have to waste time on hacks.

  • Illegitimate Items:
  • If you value the cost of your equipment and the money you put into Rakion, you would be against hacking. Hackers flood the market with illegitimate and cheap items, making it unfair for people who don't cheat. But more importantly, when items are bought from a hacker, the money goes to the hacker and not Softnyx. Businesses need to make money, and the less money they make, the less resources they allocate to that source. If you want better Q&A response times, better features, better events, and an overall better Rakion, you would not purchase items from a hacker. Even just hiring 1 more person to do Q&A is expensive, so if all the money goes to hackers, you can expect the service to get worse instead of getting better. (This also ties into the first point, your Q&A may not be answered because they're too busy testing and patching hacks! With Softnyx allocating fewer employees to Rakion due to less money coming in, and those employees have to spend more time dealing with hacks, the game quickly turns into a sad state.)

  • Risk:
  • Obviously, players can be banned for hacking. But you can also be banned for receiving items from hacked accounts! Do you want to risk losing all the experience on your characters and cells to get a cheap event core? Softnyx' hack punishment sometimes even includes enchant reduction!

    Last Edited: 2011-10-01

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