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Understanding Rakion Lag

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Understanding Lag
Many people on Rakion don't understand how "lag" works and the concept behind connections in the game.

  • Ping
    First off, the number you see by a players name that says 'ms' next to it, is called their ping. Ms just stands for milliseconds and represents the amount of time it takes for your computer to communicate with that players computer. So, it isn't 'their lag', it isn't 'your lag', it's the lag between both of you. So in order to identify a real lagger, you have to find out who has a high ping with everyone, not just one person. Sometimes people lagging make the mistake of thinking EVERYONE else lags, this is nonsense. Everyone else appears to be lagging because that player is lagging.

  • Booted for 'lagging'
    Many newcomers to this game get frustrated because they get booted for 'having a too high ping' with someone when they try to join a game. There are 2 possibilities here, one is fixable, one is not. One could be that someone is just simply lagging, if you have over a 300 ping with a player in a game, it won't let you join that game. This can be frustrating when laggy players (often foreigners coming to more popular servers because theirs have no games) join a game, and only start lagging when they get into it, (often times they can ping fine in the waiting room but when all the action/cells start, the connection will be stressed and lagged) thus preventing other people from joining. This is not fixable, your ping with a player cannot be altered very much unless you are already downloading something and can free up your connection.
    Secondly, if you cannot connect to a player. This would be if you just don't see a ping with someone, there will be no number there. This means that you can't connect with them, often because the packets that initiate the connection between you two take too long and are considered dead by your router, thus preventing a connection. This is fixable, just follow the steps in our connection aid and it should be solved. The most effective thing for solving this problem is updating your router's firmware and forwarding ports 2300-2399 (the ports Rakion uses).

  • P2p
    Rakion is a p2p game, there are no game servers like many other games. Your ping is different in these types of games, it displays a player's ping with the server, not a specific player. Which is why you can see your own ping, and why lagging is a simpler concept. Lagging to a server is straightforward, lagging to players isn't. That's why players have a wide range of pings when you play Rakion. People from all over the country play, and the distance causes very different pings. I'll often ping 40ms with east coast players, and 100+ms with west coast players because I play on the east coast. Other players will ping very different numbers with the same players depending on where they live and their connection. There isn't lag because of the servers being in Korea, the servers in Korea just hold data about your character's stats, equipment, etc. They have nothing to do with in-game lag.
    *As a side note, it would seem that Rakion doesn't handle connections very well, this could be the result of faulty coding but I'm not sure, I'm not an expert on this issue but most other games do not require the tweaking Rakion does in order to successfully connect.

  • Master
    The master's position has a lot to do with game lag for a simple reason. Because there are no servers, pre-set map creatures need to be attributed to someone. Cells stress connections a lot sometimes, and cells will have the same lag as their owners. In the case of golem games, the master golems and gold golem are 'owned' by the master. Thus, if the master is lagging, the golems will lag. Because game golems become the responsibility of the master, some masters will lag. If cells tend to lag you, then being master may lag you as well. However, this should have no effect on any other 'lag' in the game or any other player's pings, the master only affects the golems lag.

  • Frame lag vs Connection lag
    The two have nothing to do with eachother! Frame laggers will not ping any worse, and people with slow internet will not have a lower frame rate. HOWEVER, frame lagging can have some side-effects that are similar to connection lagging. Rakion runs with vertical sync, as a result, when your frame rate drops below 60, your character will slow down, run slower, attack slower, everything will be in slow motion. Even other players! Because other players will be in slow motion, their swings will be slower and their move speed slower, thus making their attacks and positions different on your screen, as a result, you may be able to dodge out of attacks that on your screen haven't reached you yet because it's in slow motion, but on their screen have. This may sound like an advantage for frame laggers but it's not. Remember, they move in slow motion too, the difficulty of handling a character in slow motion and a low frame rate outweighs the benefits of being able to avoid certain attacks, in MOST situations(not all).

  • Bugging
  • Melee vs Melee Bug.
    You see yourself hitting the person, but you get no Hit x 1. This is the basis of the Melee bug. The thing that causes this is you are hitting the person on your screen, but they are also doing the same on theirs, or it could be that the person had blocked on their screen, but it was after you had hit them on your screen. This happens because everyone has a slight lag due to the distance the information needs to travel. This may cause frustration to people whom are unaware that this exsists, but it is easy to get around. To get around it you must watch and see if you are getting your Hit x 1, then if the hit x 1 is not showing up stop your combo and pull back, you may see them finish the combo they were doing at you and you can attack them, or they might just start moving regulary in which you should continue fighting. You may also want to use this to your advantage by attacking continuously while they are doing the same thing and possibly getting a hit in while they were delayed, but just standing there on your screen. Then if you are a stun grip ninja, using the first slash is quick so you have a much larger chance of getting a stun in there and gripping.

  • Melee vs Range Bug.
    You see yourself hitting a person with range out(not a ninja or mage) but you get no Hit x 1, and get a dagger, arrow, or axe in your face. This is because the person had hit you with the previous axe, arrow, or dagger they had thrown on their screen, but not on yours. This happens because of the slight lag also. This is also an easy thing to get around. While being the melee person you can block then go in and attack, but be sure to watch for the hit x 1. You can also attempt to run around the person throwing the item and get then from behind, this works well on less skilled throwers of pointy things, but always remember to watch for the hit x 1 on these because you might get an axe, dagger, or arrow to the face. There are large advantages to this for the people throwing things. If a person does not quite have the grasp of the bug, and they stand there and unleash combos, you can just continually throw stuff at them without getting hurt, though with the bs you may have to back up as the throwing time is slow.

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