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Trade Security

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Trade Security How to avoid being scammed.

Steps to take to stay safe when trading:
  • Reputation:
    Ask around for the person's reputation, even ask them if they have anyone that can vouch for them. Also check websites for lists of scammers/trusted individuals.
    RakionHQ List
    Rakion.biz List

  • Sweet Deal?:
    If the deal sounds too good to be true, it very well might be a scam.

  • Don't send first:
    Someone has to send first, but when in doubt, refuse to send first. They may feel the same way, but better safe than sorry. If you can't establish any reason to trust the other person, and can't agree on who sends first, don't trade.

  • Impersonators:
    Watch out for scammers impersonating trustworthy people! Always check by typing /say and the normal person's name. Some people use a capital i to replace a lowercase L because they look the same on Rakion. Other people simply use similar names.

  • Evidence:
    Screenshot everything! Softnyx may be able to take action against a scammer if sufficient evidence is provided through their Q&A.

  • Verify Owner:
    Make sure that you know you're speaking to the real account owner! Scammers may hack people's accounts and then use those accounts to scam players.

  • 3rd Party:
    You can use a bulk cash reseller(like myself) to have secure trades. Example, if person A wants to buy something from person B, A can send a bulk reseller the money for cash to be sent to B. Now, B does not get the cash until A confirms that he has received an item, but A has already paid for the cash so B can send the item safely knowing that the money has is in the hands of the reseller. If B does not send the item, the reseller can refund the payment to A.

  • Cons to look out for:
    -A scammer might tell you they heard you were a scammer to get you to send first.
    -A scammer might set up a deal for multiple items from you, and agree to send their item after you send some. Example, they'll offer a +12 item for 2 +8s, saying they'll send after 1 +8 but just run away after they get the first item.

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