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Stage 8

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Stage 8

Rakion Stages
In the first portion of this stage, the players start in a room that will fill with naks coming from the front, and then shortly afterward a blazer will come in each corner of the room.
After defeating these enemies, they players are sent into a maze that has a dragon in it. I suggest ignoring the dragon and running the maze, here is a map:
Rakion Map

S = Starting Point
E = Ending Point
Red Path = Quickest Path To Exit

The players are then sent into a second maze, also with a dragon you should ignore. Once again, here is a map to help you:
Rakion Map

S = Starting Point
E = Ending Point
Red Path = Quickest Path To Exit

The players then are placed into a room where a series of blocks on either side of the room will start moving towards the other side. Simply avoid the blocks and afterwards a panzer will spawn inbetween each block. I suggest rounding up each panzer to one end of the room by starting at one point and running down the middle to the other end so each panzer will be drawn to you. When they are grouped, group attacks will take them down fast.
After the panzers are killed, the blocks will switch sides again, and a taurus will come from the entrance. Defeat the taurus, and go to the door at the back of the room, and you've passed the stage. [Alternately, just simply walk through the door; it is not necessary to defeat the Taurus - Thanks to kaiserck for this.]

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