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Stage 7

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Stage 7
Rakion Stages
This stage is painfully easy to get an S on, but if you want to beat the S time by 1 minute and 20 seconds, then follow this guide. The party must have at least 1 mage, in fact, 1 mage and nothing else works just fine as well. The non-mage character's role in this stage is pretty much unimportant.

  • Room 1
    Have the characters in the game go to the center of the platform and there the mage will switch to his/her ranged weapon. Wait until the naks have reached the edge of the platform, and then go to the door at the front of the room. The mage then should throw an explosive ball against the door, and it will bounce back and kill the naks. This may take some practice, and sometimes you will need to toss a second ball, but it works very well. The non-mage character simply has to defend for the mage, which if done properly isn't even necessary. Proceed to room 2.

  • Room 2
    Again go to the center of the platform, and repeat the process for room 1, only this time the door is to the right. Proceed to room 3.

  • Room 3
    Repeat the process for room 1 and 2, but the correct door is to the left now. After the first wave of naks, crossbow men will spawn, drop creatures by the near ones, and proceed to kill the far ones. Then finish off what your creatures weren't able to do and continue to room 4.

  • Room 4
    Repeat the process for killing naks with the left door being the correct door. Proceed to room 5

  • Room 5
    Immediately have 1 player drop off to the side while the other remains there. The player that dropped should go to the end of the room and go through the portal, then jump back towards the player who stayed. One blazer will spawn on each side, have each player kill 1 and the door will open if you do not cause any more to spawn, after the door opens just proceed through it, and though more blazers will spawn, you don't have to kill them. Proceed through room 4 again, and continue to the final room.

  • Final Room
    Have the non-mage character stay by the mage, the mage will fireball the panzers. But to most effectively fireball them, you must start by shooting at the panzer 1 from the left/right (doesn't matter which side you shoot first, just make sure it is not the end panzer, but the first one in.) Then shoot the corresponding panzers on the other side. Then shoot the middle panzer, and then repeat shooting the 2 panzers near the sides. They will all die. Two crossbow men will then spawn behind you by the door. Have each player take out 1 of them, but do not use cell creatures. Then, move up a bit and drop your cell creatures in the middle of the room and then move back. The 2 taurus will come out and fight your cell creatures while the mage will fireball them. The non-mage character can combat the taurus however they see fit.
    You have now effectively slaughtered the time required to get an S. With a little practice of this method, it is very simple to beat the time by a minute.

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