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Stage 6

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Stage 6
Rakion Stages
This is a rather difficult stage to get an S on, but it can be done. The ideal group for this stage would be 2 mages and then an archer/blacksmith, but the most critical part is at least 2 mages, and in fact, I have gotten an S with just 2 mages. In this guide, the 3rd character will mean the non-mage character. The way to S this stage is through careful optimization of attacks, which I will break down how to do in 5 different portions of this stage.

  • Portion 1
    Two split groups of naks, this is easy to take care of. All the characters should run to the door and stand with your front end to the door. The mages will then throw explosives balls against the wall that will bounce back and hit the naks. I suggest that 1 of the mages tilt slightly up so that the ball will go further.

  • Portion 2
    One mage must drop to the lower section and summon a cell in front of the group of naks with 2 blazers in the center. The naks and the blazers will attack the cell, or hit the cell when attacking you, if the cell placement is done properly. The mage must then throw 2 explosive balls right inbetween the 2 blazers, and if done correctly, all the enemies will be destroyed.
    In the top area, the character should summon at least 1 cell creature to distract the first of the 3 waves of naks. The mage will throw explosives balls and destroy the second, while t he 3rd character will destroy the first wave with the summoned cell(s). Then both characters will advance and all 3 should meet around the final wave of naks near the same time at which point the mage closest to the door should dispose of the naks, and the 3rd character should pick off any remaining naks that were missed.
    It is critical not to knock any naks from the upper level into the lower level, this could severely harm the timing.

  • Portion 3
    The characters combined should summon at least 2 cell creatures each to battle the first group of naks, so that way the group can ignore those first 5. The group then should imitate the strategy of beating portion 1 only this time the 3rd character should focus on the golem instead of just standing idle.

  • Portion 4
    The 2 mages should immediately prepare to fire on the dragon, each mage firing 2 fireball shots is sufficient. The third character should be running towards the end. After the dragon is dead, 1 mage should fire 2 fireballs at the 2 closest blazers on the left side, while the other does it for the right. In the meantime, the third character should be destroying the final blazers in the back of the room on both sides. Most likely, the mages will finish their blazers before the 3rd character has finished, but the mages should not fire at the final blazer because they need to spend that time running towards the front of the area, where the 3rd character is already located.

  • Portion 5
    This one can be tricky because the panzers spawn all around the location. I suggest going to the area of one of them and summoning cell creatures to destroy that one, while the mages fireball (not explosive ball because that knocks them down and that is definitely a bad thing) the panzers that are running towards the group. The third character should be stopping the panzers that interfere with the mages fireballing and get too close to them. After this, 2 taurus will spawn on either side of the area, at which point the mages should immediately begin fireballing them and putting cells in their way. The third character should simply pick on and begin fighting it. This part is fairly simple, but one thing to avoid is luring the taurus off to the side where mage fireballs will run into the pillars instead of the taurus, otherwise, just attack the taurus and finish them off.

    With a little practice and pumped up characters, this stage is not too difficult to get an S on, but don't expect to achieve an S it until at least level 10. It probably is possible to get an S on it before level 10, but it is far more difficult.

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