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Stage 59

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Stage 59
This stage is actually not all that hard. The first area can be pretty mean, and so can the last area, but you'll have plenty of time to handle it if you follow the tips on this page.

  • Area 1:
    This area is kind of tough, if you're not chaosing your only real option is to hold up in a corner behind cells and hope for the best. However, one trick that may prove useful is boosting someone(preferably a mage) using a character or a cell on top of the gate where they can attack cells without worrying about melee cells. However, be careful, if the ranged cells knock you backwards, you could be in trouble.
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  • Area 2:
    This part is very easy, all you have to do is cross the bridge and go hide in the doorway behind a cell. Then, when the golem spawns, kill it. Then shortly a King Samurai will spawn, kill it and the door will open. Very simple.
    Rakion Stages
    Rakion Stages

  • Area 3:
    Tip: If you stay in the back hall and range the bosses, the stage will usually end before the king musketeers spawn.*
    This one can be tough, if you're not packing a lot of firepower (chaos) then take your time. Remember if you kill the golems more cells will spawn, and you have lots of time, so kill everything slowly if you need to. Eventually a group of level 50 king musketeers will spawn. But you only have to kill 1 of them, that would be the left most spawning one(refer to pic). Finish him off and it's over.
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    * - Many thanks to The_Smash for providing this tip.

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