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Stage 49

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Stage 49 A very difficult stage, but much easier if you know what you're doing!
Recommended Equipment:
Chaos potions
Elemental bracers/shoulders/helmet
Level 1 cells

The secret to stage 49:
(This is still being tested)
The secret is knowing what cells trigger what. The icewind in the corner(refer to picture) triggers the blazers and crossbows to spawn. Furthermore, the crossbows that spawn in that same corner trigger the black crossbows. Those black crossbows trigger the 99 black tauri.

This means, kill all icewinds and panzers but the trigger. Then kill the trigger to spawn the blazers and crossbows. Kill the blazers and then kill the trigger crossbows. Kill those black crossbows and the black tauri will spawn.

Stage 49

Last Edited: 2011-03-15

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