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Stage 3

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Stage 3
This stage is fairly easy for new players. It will almost be a guarantee A but for an S you would have to work fast.

Below I have provided a map of the entire stage.
Rakion Stage 3

Blacksmiths: Use special (By holding down the right mouse key then release when you are fully charged) on all the naks. *note* It is preffered if you use special in groups of naks. Then when you reach the blazers use your jump attack (space bar plus left click). Since blacksmiths are born creature killers you will have no problem getting an A or S.

Archers: If you are use to using the bow then go right ahead, however if you arenít as skilled in aiming use your dagger for the entire stage. For all the rooms with naks all you have to do is try to gather them around you and use your invincible attack (click both mouse keys at the same time). This should provide instant death to the naks. Use the invincible attack only when there are many naks. If there are only a few naks, use your jump attack (space plus left click). For blazers you should special them (By holding down the right mouse key then release when you are fully charged). This stage should be an easy A or B with archer, try until you get your desired results.

Warriors: Use the same strategy as the archer. Warriors have a better chance at getting a higher rank because of they have a higher CD (cell destruction)

Ninjas: Although the ninjaís special isnít as high as the warriorís or archerís, using that same tactic will help you through the stage easily. Although donít expect Aís or Bís on your first try

Mages: For inexperienced mage users this stage might be a bit challenging. If you have gotten use to aiming your ice spike well then go right ahead and do so. But if you arenít exactly the best at icing you may want to use bombs instead. To use bombs you just have to hold and release the left moue key, this will make the mage toss bombs. Using this method will kill multiple enemies at once. But if the naks get too close your bombs wonít hit them, when that happens you throw your bombs against a wall and they will bounce back and kill the naks. For the blazers you can choose to ice or you can continue using your bombs. But instead of using the left click option. You hold down the right mouse key down until the cursor is locked on to the blazer, the cursor will turn red then release and fireballs will attack the blazers. *Note, to lock on you have to point your cursor at the blazer*

**Final Words** This stage is really easy for the beginners, but donít be discouraged when you donít get the rank you want right away. Just practice it until you do. Also donít be afraid of using your shield (shift key) it comes in very handy most of the time.

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