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Stage 22

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Stage 22
Rakion Stages
A stage full of enemies and you have to survive with 80% or higher life... seemingly impossible no?
This is actually one of the easiest stages to get an S on, all you have to do is run around the perimeter (do not look behind you) for 4 minutes, and you get an S. Then you can turn around and see something rather amusing that will resemble this:
Stage 22 End

Alternatively, go into a corner and block. You can hold shift and then hit enter and leave the chat bar open and you will continue to block without holding the shift button. Or, you could put a 9 volt battery on your shift button, whatever works for you.

Keep in mind that simply blocking may get you kicked out of the room for being afk after a few minutes, so I suggest you unblock and block again very quickly sometime in the middle of the stage to prevent this from happening.

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