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Stage 2

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Stage 2
Rakion Stages

  • Stage Layout

    Area 1
    Two spawns of 2 naks each in the second half of the area.
    Area 2
    Two naks spawn on the bridge, 2 spawn below it near the left side and slightly more towards the beginning of the room.
    Area 3
    Four naks spawn at the beginning, 4 spawn near the end.
    Area 4
    Two blazers spawn, one at each end of the upper level on the left and right of the character upon entering. A golem then spawns near the end.

  • Archer
    This stage is fairly simple for an archer because all you would have to do is use your bow. Nothing else is really needed, simply go through each area killing the naks. Be careful not to take fall damage in the second area when you drop down to kill the 2 naks below the bridge. Upon entering the final area, keep in mind you have to arc your shot quite a bit to hit the blazers at the end of the room. Finally, put a bunch of arrows into the golem until he dies; be careful, you don't want to get hit by a rock if it throws one.
  • Blacksmith
    Using the special and the jump attack is the way to beat this stage. Jump attack single naks that you are approaching, and special a nak or naks that are near you. The special has a great deal of splash so you can often kill 2-4 naks at once if they are around you. In the final room, run all the way down and either jump attack the blazers, or throw axes at them. To kill the golem either use sideways jump attacks or use your special on its left leg.
  • Mage
    Mages can use ice, balls, or fireballs pretty much for the entire stage and be okay. I typically use fireballs, but they require better timing and aim; though they can be used to kill groups of naks easily. Not only that, if you miss the naks you can fireball next to them and the fireballs will hit the group and kill them, though you typically will get hit if you do this(Not like the damage is significant though). The ice works well too, but not quite as well in the 3rd area when groups of 4 spawn, it's easier to use balls or fireballs so you can kill 2 or maybe even 4 at a time. In the final area stay near the beginning and use fireballs on the blazers, then the golem. This stage is quite easy as a mage.
  • Ninja
    This stage can be a little tricky for a ninja, but luckily they move fast so where they lose in killing ability they gain in speed. It's typically the best to use ninja stars on this stage, the backflip(right click) ranged attack usually kills the naks quickly. And remember you can use the gliding ability (forward forwards right click on the main weapon) to avoid taking fall damage in the 2nd area. After using your range to kill all the naks, switch back to your main and glide(it's faster) to the blazers at the end of the room where you can use 1 of 3 options to kill the blazers. Either use jump attacks, your special, or your backflip ranged attack(Aim slightly crooked and you can get 6 stars to hit). Then use your backflip range attack on the golem, it shouldn't last long because if aimed correctly you can easily get 9 stars to hit, but be careful not to get punched.
  • Warrior
    Warriors have many options to do this level, a full basic combo should kill a nak, daggers can work ok though not the best, jump attacks are great if you're good at it, but do not use your special. It will knock the naks down on the first attack and then you have to wait for them to get back up. So use any of those methods to kill all the naks until the final area, where you can kill the blazers either with your special or jump attacks. It's typically safest to kill the golem with sideways jump attacks, but if you want to use your special do it on the golem's left leg.

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