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Stage 1

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Stage 1
Rakion Stages
This is one of the most Simple stages of the game, well why shouldn't it be its the first one. This stage is merely made to introduce a new character to Chaos. The basis of what you have to do is kill 100, or 110, sometimes it glitches, enemies, starting with naks then panzers and finally crossbowmen. If you get to 100 kills and the stage keeps going, you can simply die to make it go faster.

For mages, for the duration of the period in which you don't have chaos you should use ice or fireballs, and summon any cells you have when you can. When you have chaos it is best to shoot homing balls continually, as the ice has too much delay and makes them fall down, which can take up time, but time shouldn't be too much of an issue in this stage.

For ninjas it is best that you use your right click ranged attack on naks and panzers. You could also special the panzers, but you would most likely not want them to be close together so none of them hit you while you are delayed after you finished your special. For when the crossbowman come after the panzers you should special them. And during the whole time if you get chaos you should use the invincible attack that the ninja has, or the stars, but basic chaos isn't the greatest for fighting creatures.

For blacksmiths at the start you should use your special on the naks, it should instantly kill them. When the panzers come you should use your special on them also, and same with the crossbow men, or if you prefer, jump attacks on the crossbowmen, specialing is just most effective because it has some good hit area and can do good damage. Whenever you get chaos as a blacksmith on this stage you should use your invincible attack, as its hit area is huge.

Use daggers or jump attacks on the naks. For the panzers you can use your special, but you can be at risk of getting hit, if you start getting low on life use jump attacks or daggers. Against crossbowmen use your special because you can hit them while they are down. When you get chaos you should use the chaos special or the invincible attack.

For archers simply use your bow, you can get them from far away and you don't run the risk of taking a hit after a high delay attack. For panzers you should summon cells in front of them and shoot arrows at them until you get chaos. Once you get chaos you should use the charge up arrows and wait for when the panzers get close to you and shoot 4-5 arrows into them, they should die instantly. For crossbowmen you should special them when your chaos runs out and use the charge up arrow move when you have chaos.

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