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Rakion Tricks

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Rakion Tricks

  • Chaos Mage Icestacking A Golem
    A chaos mage can jump towards a golem and upon coming into contact with it can then ice, causing an icestack that can hit up to 27 times.

  • Freeze Sliding
    If you move towards a mage while he front grips you, and then continue moving that direction without hitting other keys after you unfreeze, you will continue to slide in that same position.

  • Forward Launch
    The easiest place to do the Forward Launch is on Gravity on 1 of the 3 holes in the middle section of the map. If you start off a running attack before 1 of the holes and during the attack hit the lip around the hole, it will launch you through the air. It isn't very practical but it is amusing. Additionally you can do this off edges but you obviously won't go upwards at all, but you can zoom pretty far sometimes.

  • Damaging Master Golem Without the Golden Sword
    Hitting the Master Golem without the golden sword actually does around fractions of a damage point to 16 damage depending on the strength of the shot. The Master Golem has a lot of life though, so this is only useful if the person with the golden sword dies after bring the Master Golem down to very little life.

  • Get to the Middle Section of Covolt Peak
    Line yourself up with the middle of one of the beams on Covolt Peak. Then do a running attack, and it should get you there, or close enough to jump there. Mages can also manage this just by lining up with the middle and jumping, but it is difficult. This trick can be useful if the person with the golden sword gets it and there aren't many ranged characters on the other team.

  • Covolt Peak Glitch
    First get to the middle section of covolt peak (Refer above). Attempt to stand perfectly in the very middle where the 4 lines intersect, you can't stand there forever, you will slide off slowly. While you are sliding, you may launch off to the side for no apparent reason. This may take a few tries but it is very amusing. Refer to our video section for a video of this.

  • Bouncing Weapons
    In case you haven't noticed, Blacksmith and Warrior weapons bounce around after hitting something. These weapons can still hit people when bouncing. This opens the door to a lot of useful and amusing bounce shots.

    Last Edited: 2010-12-16
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