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Rakion Terms

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Like many online games, Rakion has it's share of terms that often confuse newer players. Here is a list of the most commonly used terms:

BS - Blacksmith

SD - Stay Down
SH - Stay Hall
SP - Stay Pit
SU - Stay Up
(Refer to Game Modes for more information on these.)

NC - No Cells
NCH - No Chaos
NG - No Gold [Golem]/No Glide(Typically for boss mode)
NP - No Potions
CS - Cheap Shot

BT - Black Taurus
IW - Icewind
LB - Longbow
SC - Soul Cannon
WD - White Dragon
BD - Black Dragon
WN - White Nak
NHK - Necrohorse King
NMK - Necroman King
SSK - South Soul King
NSK - North Soul King
WSK - West Soul King
ESK - East Soul King
MK - Musketeer King

DB - Deathblow

Last Edited: 2010-12-17

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