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Rakion Potions

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Potions are items that are used mid-game to restore energy/armor, give chaos points, give cp[30% of max], knock nearby enemies away(Fear), view lifebars of enemies(Scouter), deal more damage in exchange for life(Steam), or revive instantly in deathmatches(Respawn). They can be bought in the store for cash or gold.

Each character starts out with 3 of 6 possible potion slots. Different potions take up different amounts of slots. Additional potion slots can be purchased for gold, 100,000 for the 4th slot, 160,000 for the 5th slot, and 300,000 for the 6th slot.
Sidenote: Potion slots are discounted during discount events.

Each potion can be used once per round in regular games and can be used as frequently as desired in stages.

Potions are used by hitting the buttons 1-6.

Rare/Event Potions
Devil Wings
Rakion Devil Wings
Devil Wings allow the player to fly for a short period of time.

These potions were available in the shop for a very short period of time and now are only given out as mini-event prizes.

Olympic Pots
Rakion Event Potions
Rakion Event Potions
Rakion Event Potions
Gold**: Armor, Energy, Chaos, and Fear pots all at once.

Silver: Steam and Scouter pots at once.

Bronze*: ?

Cannot be sold or traded.

This item could be won during the 2008 Olympics event from stage farming.

Thanks to LordEnough for correcting the 5th potion slot cost.
* - Thanks to LordPwner for submitting the Bronze potion image and information.
** - Thanks to daefelius for submitting the Gold potion image.

Last Edited: 2010-12-26

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