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Rakion Game Modes

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Game Modes

User Created Game Modes
There are a few types of gameplay created by players, usually to gain experience faster, or prevent things the master deems cheap or unfair. These modes are:
(Softnyx created modes are listed after)

  • SU/NC - Stay Up/No Cell - This game mode is usually on Draco Valley. Players must go through the portal and stay in that area, not going down to the golem area. This makes for fast games and the no cells prevents lag, longer round time, or as some see it, unfair advantages. It can be chaotic, and is often packed with highly skilled, or highly statted players. This is one of the best ways to level.

  • SH/NC - Stay Hall/No Cell - This is on Snake Temple; from the spawn area run up the ramp and through the master golem area, there is a hallway there where everyone must stay, not venturing into the master golem area or to the side hall. This is very similar to SU/NC except it tends to be faster, and more chaotic, another choice for people who wish to level fast, or have a fun time with little or no care about actually fighting well. High level players often get most of the kills in such a chaotic situation where skill tends to have no room, and stat points do most of the work.

  • SD/NC - Stay Down/No cell - This is on Underground Altar, and is not quite as popular as SU or SH. From the spawn area go down and through the side door next to the ramp, this large, open, rectangular space is where everyone must stay and battle. This allows for much more room than SU or SH, and therefore player skill is more evident, and ranged classes have more of an advantage, however, rounds will take longer, and therefore won't earn quite as much experience.

  • SP/NC - Stay Pit/No Cell - Relatively uncommon, this type is on Tomb of the King; all players must proceed straight into the main room that leads to the gold golem and stay in the lower pit. This mode can be very fast, like SH, however, most often players will run up and attack from the ledges, not strictly following the Stay Pit rule. If you want a Stay game that gives good experience, I suggest SH over SP.

  • Modifications - SU and SH are the most popular, but similar terms are often given to normal games where people use NC (No Cell) or NG (No Gold) or even 1v1. Occasionally some people put SU in Gravity and don't follow for gold or going down to gold. Be careful to watch for these when you join a game so you don't end up violating rules and getting kicked.

    Rakion Game Modes
    There are several available game modes on Rakion, these modes are boss, golem, solo deathmatch, stages, and team deathmatch. The modes have the following characteristics:

  • Boss Mode:
    In boss mode, the highest level player on each team is considered "the boss." When the boss dies, the game is over, it's rather simple, and the game mode itself doesn't give great experience, so it isn't very popular.

  • Golem Mode:
    In golem mode, each team has a golem (Red and Blue) and then there is a Golden Golem located an equal distance from each of the red or blue bases. The players must kill either the entire enemy team, or for better experience and gold, they may kill the golden golem. Whoever kills the golden golem gets the golden sword, this player must then kill the opposing teams golem to win, the golden sword lasts 1 minute and 30 seconds. This is the most popular gameplay because it gives the best experience. All golems are the average level of all the players in the game, but gold golem still is harder to kill.

  • Solo Deathmatch:
    Solo deathmath is quite simply a free-for-all, the person who reaches the kill goal or has the most kills after the round time wins. Players also have reduced life when playing in solo deathmatch. This mode does not give great experience, and isn't too popular.

  • Stages:
    Stages are like the quest mode of Rakion. Depending on the stage, 1-4 players are put into an environment and they often have to make their way through a stage by fighting various enemies and eventually getting to the end. Stages are co-op and escalate in bonuses. Meaning at low levels stages do not give great experience, but at high levels they can give a lot. Stages can only be done once(unless you buy a reset), but most people who can do them, will do them.

  • Team Deathmatch:
    Team deathmatch is the same as solo deathmatch only with teams.

    *Note* Most game types decide level limits, such as 1-10, 11-30, 31-99, 11-99, +/- 5 levels of the master, +/- 10 levels of the master, and lastly 1-99. But 1-99 is different than the others, it's called basic and none of a characters stats, equipment, or cells (other than level 1+ cells, which behave as level 1 unless they level up during game) will be in effect.

  • Clan War:
    Clan War information.

  • Ladder Mode:
    Ladder Mode information.

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