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Rakion Elementals

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Elementals are mysterious event equipment. They are basically colored versions of the divinity set with other graphic effects. There are currently 4 elementals. They are:
  • Damned[Black]
  • Meteor[Red]
  • Aqua[Blue]
  • Hurricane[Pink]

    The reason they are "mysterious" is because their stats are not shown, however, we got a good idea what they do.

    First, they are all level 1+
    Secondly, the stats actually vary, they will change on a per attack basis. (Stronger elementals like Damned may randomize higher more often.)
    Helmet: Reduces damage taken by approximately 2-4%.
    Bracers: Adds approximately 2-4% to basic, range, grip and special.
    Pauldrons: Adds approximately 2-4% to basic, range, grip and special.
    Body Armor: Chance to cast fear when struck. The fear does approximately 15 damage. Elemental body glows from enchants.
    Weapons: Chance to remove half a chaos point when hitting an enemy. Only works when it is the weapon being used. Fear can remove chaos points as well. Weapon can also 'critical hit' a person in chaos, doing a much larger amount of damage. Weapons also glow from enchants.

  • Animation
    The elemental may all be based off of divinity and slightly colored, but they each add their own sweet animation.
    Bracers add a glow around the wrists of your character:
    Damned: Black Smoke
    Meteor: Red Smoke
    Aqua: Blue Smoke
    Hurricane: Pink spirals

    Pauldrons add an effect above each of your character's shoulders:
    Damned: Black furballs
    Meteor: Flames
    Aqua: Glowing Bluish-White Balls
    Hurricane: Glowing Pinkish-White Balls

    Helmets add a glowing tail behind your character's head:
    Damned: Black Tail
    Meteor: Red Tail
    Aqua: Blue Tail
    Hurricane: Pink Tail

    Body armor adds a swirling color that spirals around the body armor:
    It remains during chaos mode.
    Damned: Black Swirl
    Damned: (Chaos)Black Swirl

    Weapons add a colored flame-like effect to the weapon:
    It also remains during chaos mode.
    [Melee]Aqua: Blue Flames
    [Ranged]Meteor: Orange Flames

    Side Notes:
    Elemental helmets/bracers/shoulders do work in basic mode.
    Elementals can also push stats over the maximum.

    Thanks to ushouldcmypp for a few of the screenshots.

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