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Rakion Easter Eggs

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Easter Eggs

An easter egg is an intentional hidden message or feature, though the purpose of them isn't always clear. There have been a few in Rakion that players have noticed. One in Mammoth, one in Cozy Tower, and one in Caloff Mine.

This one I don't have an image for, but there is a secret room somewhere outside of Mammoth that can be reached by going through the wall. Though this doesn't happen anymore, you used to be able to chaos into the wall and end up in this hidden room.

Cozy Tower

At the top of the Cozy Tower there is a golem hidden in the wall who's fist can be seen when he sways. You can kill this golem by using attacks that go through walls such as a mages ice or bomb. This doesn't seem to accomplish anything though.

Caloff Mine
Behind a bridge, I believe on the second level, if you do it just right, you can look behind the wall and see a tag from the creator, it says:

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