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Rakion Chaos

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Rakion Chaos

Chaos mode is an advanced fighting mode characters can go in when their chaos bar fills up. For non-power users, this requires 6 points, for power users, this requires 5. You gain 1 point for a kill(Including master golem kills), half a point for a loss, and a point for being the last person alive on your team. Additionally, you gain an extra half point for dying to, or killing, your rival.

Characters will stay in chaos mode for 40 seconds.
Killing other players while in chaos will earn an additional 5 seconds of chaos time per kill.

The strength of a chaos is determined by the average of a character's attack stats, that is, their basic, special, and range. Grip is not calculated in with chaos strength.

Here is a few tips on the chaos mode for each character:

  • Archer - Archer chaos mode isn't the greatest, but it's power up is very strong. Many people will spend so much time trying to charge up and getting stopped that they waste their chaos. It is acceptable to use a single shot, it's also quite fast, use the charge up when you can pull it off. Also keep in mind that the spin attack can get people off of you rather well.

  • Blacksmith - Very powerful, very high range on swings. The most common techniques to use with a blacksmith chaos is the basic attack and the invincible attack, do not use the charge up, it is not any good. The invincible attack is very effective when fighting groups, and also effective if you happen to be trying to kill a golem but have difficulty reaching it with a jump attack. The basic has high range, and only the first 2 attacks can be blocked, the 3rd cannot. The jump attack is potent, but kind of hard to hit players with.

  • Mage - Very powerful, but tough to deal with in close range. The ice goes right to your enemy's health, ignoring armor. Ice also has a huge range with and is fairly easy to stack on elevators and can hit up to 27 times. The fireballs lock on fast, shoo fast, are hard to dodge and do a lot of damage, 2 fireball hits often kills the enemy. It's 3rd and final attack isn't even an attack, it heals everyone close to you, which can prove very effective. It doesn't heal you, but it makes you invincible for a short while. This is a chaos that is intended to be great for support, but bad up close. If you find yourself up close and fighting in a golem match at an enemy golem, get as close as you can to the golem and use the fireballs, it's splash damage will hit anyone around you.

  • Ninja - A very scary chaos, it's basic attack can hit everyone around it on the 3rd combo, it's special goes right to health and can kill with 1 attack, and it's right click can take out golems faster than anything else. Plus it is very fast. Unfortunately it cannot take too many hits but nonetheless you will be satisfied with the damage you can deal.

  • Warrior - High damage, good speed, and good defense, what more could you ask for? The most common attacks used in a warrior chaos are the invincible attack and the charge up. The charge up hits a lot and for a lot of damage, the invincible attack is good for targeting against 1 person because the warrior charges forward and pokes several times. The basic is decent as well if you can't land an invincible on a player.

    Last Edited: 2010-12-16
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