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Rakion Cell Information

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Here are some brief descriptions of each cell.
For more in-depth information about creatures, consider checking out:
Creature Stats
Creature Stat Increases
Creature Level-Up Table

Cell Order: Quicknotes on effects
Soccer Leopard: Splash
Twinheaded Dragon: Splash
Desert Hound:
Christmas Cells:
Original Souls:(S): Homing (N): Homing, Freeze (W): Homing (E): Multi-Hit
Reskinned Originals:(Phoenix): Homing, Slow (Turtle): Homing, Freeze (Tiger): Homing, Curse (Dragon): Multi-Hit, Life Leech
Souls(W/E/N): Multi-Hit
NecroMan: Slow, Freeze, Multi-Hit
Musketeer: [cash]Knockback
Samurai: Multi-Hit
Nak: [white/black]Spreadshot
Panzer: [white]Freeze
Crossbow: Pierce*, [black]Homing
Icewind: Freeze/Homing, [black]Slow
Longbow: Pierce*/Homing
Blazer: [white]Pierce*/Homing, [black]Spreadshot
Golem: Knockback
Soul Cannon: Splash/Homing
Taurus: [black]Fear, [blue]Slow
Dragon: [black]Poison, [white]Freeze

Soccer Leopard
This cell is pretty good. The damage is low, but the speed is high and it kicks an explosive ball. It also does the shoulder charge of a regular leopard but doesn't do the punching. They're cheap and can be used in basic mode stages.

Twinheaded Dragon
This dragon is a little clumsy(and ugly) but overall quite strong. Not only is it flying, it also stomps the ground like a necrohose king and shoots fire/fireballs from both heads. The fire is very dangerous as it covers a massive area. At higher levels the speed can make it confused though.

Desert Hound
This speedy little dog in my book is a good cell. Not overpowered like a turtle, but it has great speeds like one. The damage is medium level, but it also has a ranged attack to go with it's flipping melee. This is a great turtle alternative for no turtle games.

Original Souls[cash/limited]
  • South: This original cell is a flying phoenix that's fairly large. It has good stats, a wide ranged melee wing slap, and a ranged attack that fires multiple homing arrows.
  • Golden Phoenix: Just like the SSO except starts a little weaker and slows when it hits.
  • North: This turtle has good stats, a decent melee attack, and a multiple shot homing ranged attack that freezes.
  • Stone Turtle: Just like NSO except starts a little weaker but freezes longer against players.
  • West: A tiger similar to north but doesn't freeze. A decent melee attack and a ranged attack that shoots homing arrows.
  • Volcano Tiger: Just like WSO except starts a little weaker.
  • East: A dragon that has a spinning melee attack that can multiple hit. It's ranged attack fires 3 blazer shots in succession from different locations.
  • Golden Dragon: Just like ESO except starts a little weaker and leeches life for the owner.

    Christmas Cells[cash/limited]
  • Reindeer: Reindeer is like a taurus that pounds the ground with a decent aoe attack rather than charging.
  • Black Reindeer: Fast and powerful, it has a ground pound that is similar to a necrohorse king and a punch that double hits. Great cell.
  • Snowman: Snowman is like a fast golem that's a little weaker. Throws snowballs very quickly and also swings its fist like a golem rather quickly, however the swing doesn't knockback.

  • Gold Snowman: Just like the regular snowman but faster and stronger.

    Soul[cash] - South
    South is different than the others, it is a flying cell that is generally not considered great. It is fairly strong but does not hit all that often. It's generally not that good at picking a target, but it is flying which makes it harder to take down. This cell is much less common than the other souls.
    Souls[cash] - West/East/North
    These 3 directions generally behave the same. They're like a boxing cell, they unleash a quick series of punches that don't do a ton of damage but are good for juggling. At higher levels they get very strong and very effective. Their speeds also increase. They are an overall good cell but lack range attacks. A great cell that's relatively cheap and offers very effective melee. North soul is generally considered the best with it's turtle spin that can multiple hit people.
    Note: The Limited event cells Haunt, Thunder, Basilisk, and Leopard all are the exact same except they start with slightly better stats. Sidenote, basilisks do not desummon.

    If a Taurus breeded with a dog, you'd get a necrohorse. Seemingly worthless, they actually pose a decent threat. They aren't wonderful but can be decent at chasing and have a semi-strong charge. They aren't useless and will definitely get some hits off, but they aren't exactly the best thing out there. Good choice for a non-cash user.

    A decent cell even though it looks clumsy. It's poke can multi-hit as well as slow or freeze. The damage it deals isn't very good unless it multi-hits however. Still a good choice for a cell. But to be honest, if you're going for a melee cell at this price, stick to an old samurai. Unless you want the slow/freeze which can be very nice.

    They have a fast attack speed, knock back opponents, can't be stunned or knocked down, and fire extra fast bullets. They move a bit slow, but they are an amazing cell regardless. Their damage and life are good, but not outstanding. They have difficulties shooting close range.
    Just like the cash one, only toned down stats in most aspects. They also don't knockback.

    Their melee is fast, and can multiple hit, especially against golems. They also have a ranged attack like a crossbow. They're pretty fast and a good cell to have with you.
    Just like the cash one, only toned down stats in most aspects. It's range is homing unlike the cash cell.

    The most basic melee creature, easily killed, and though it may seem to be normal damage, it actually does about half that of a panzer, even when the attack is displayed the same. Naks are cheap to buy, cheap to summon, and pretty much useless except for putting something between you and an enemy.
  • Black: Black naks shoot in 8 directions around them, move fast, attack fast, and are actually a fairly useful and amusing cell. Their damage is not very good though.
  • White: White naks shoot in 5 directions, move slower than black naks, but have a lot more energy. Additionally, 3 white naks appear when you summon 1.
  • Bomb: Bomb naks detonate and instantly kill any cell they run into. They do not work on cells labeled 'boss' (they do work on yellow marked cells though). They're great for countering powerful cells and are relatively cheap. However, they do move rather slowly so it is best to get near the cell you want to kill before you summon.

    Panzers are ok melee creatures, they have decent attack and can take quite a few hits before dying. They also don't cost very much cp to summon or very much gold to buy. Definitely the creature of choice for non-power low-level players.
  • Black: The black panzer is even better. It's similar to the regular panzer except it attacks faster, and moves a LOT faster.
  • White: White panzers aren't as fast or as strong as black panzers, but they do have better stats than regular panzers. Most importantly, they freeze when they hit an enemy. At first the freeze duration lasts 1.5 seconds.

    First off, these creatures do about half the damage their attack would imply they do, most likely due to their creature type as a ranged creature. They can fire at a range, which makes them a decent support cell, though they do have a melee attack. They don't cost very much cp to summon, and aren't very detrimental on gold. Unfortunately, they can be attacked even when they are laying on the ground. They would be a fairly decent cell if they would stop slowly walking towards the enemies and getting themselves killed. Not horrible, but panzers are more useful.
  • Black: The cash version of crossbows, black crossbows, aren't half bad at all. Their arrows are homing, they move faster, and they attack really fast. They're much better than a regular crossbow and decent to use in game despite their relatively low damage.

    Icewinds do not do much damage, they move extremely slowly, but they fly, and most importantly they freeze people. They are useful in combinations with other things. They start off with, I think, 1 second of freeze time, but it increases 1/10th of a second every 3 levels, capping off around level 50. Two higher level icewinds can actually permanently freeze a person if they are timed correctly. Another test on a level 99 icewind yielded a 2 second freeze against a player and a 5 second freeze against a cell. A very useful cell, not alone, but with other cells and players, other icewinds included.
  • Black: Black icewinds don't freeze enemies, instead they just slow them down. However, they get significantly faster than normal icewinds, and fire 2 shots in a row, which can add up to decent damage.
    The red icewind is just the same as the regular icewind except it has lower stats and gains less energy per level.

    It's arrows are homing. They don't cost very much cp to summon, but they will cost your wallet a bit. They do decent damage and have decent life though, so simply put, you will get your money's worth. Unfortunately, they are easy to knock down and can be hit while they're down.

    A ranged cell that cannot move, does decent damage, and doesn't die like a nak. These cells can be quite effective, but they are a bit more costly on cp. Buying one would definitely not be a waste of gold.
  • Black: The Black Blazer is the cash version of this cell, and an amusing one at that. It's basically the same as a regular blazer, except it fires 3 shots at a time, spread out. Close range this does a lot of damage, and at long range you can hit multiple enemies, it's quite a fun cell.
  • White: White blazers fire 3 homing shots that don't spread like a black blazer. They do less damage than black or regular blazers, but gain more energy. Most importantly, their shots pierce, so they can shoot through any ally cells that might be in the way, like a longbow does. They are kind of pricey though.

    The beefy tank of the Rakion world. These powerhouse cells can knock you senseless, even after you deliver them a beating. They require you to be a power user, and are spendy on gold and cp, but you won't be disappointed. Though they pretty much require you to at least wear some POC equipment because they can quite quickly cost over 4000 cp.

    Soul Cannon[cash]
    Expensive, but powerful. They explode when killed, and fire semi-homing mortars that deliver a powerful blow. High damage and decent life, these guys are quite effective. Yes, they are good, but very expensive.
  • Green: The green soul cannon is the exact same as a regular soul cannon except it starts with lower stats. Much more BANG for your buck.

    A great pvp cell, their charge can destroy a player rather quickly, but other than that they aren't too great. They also lag rather badly. They don't die easily but are more costly on gold and cp than a golem. Most people prefer golems over a taurus, but it's not uncommon to see someone equip 1 taurus to charge over a person who may want to stalk them.
  • Red: Red taurus is exactly the same as regular taurus, except it can be used at a lower level, costs more, and looks cooler. Taurus[cash]
  • Black: The black taurus is faster, and therefore more difficult to avoid, plus it emits fear when it stops and roars, knocking nearby enemies down and away. Very useful.
  • BlueIce: This taurus is also fast, but slower attack speed. However when it charges someone it slows them down.

    They definitely get the job done of killing everything, but they can be killed rather easily. They are very expensive to buy and summon, but many people find them worth it because of their ability to torch players or golems to death quickly. But it's price goes beyond gold and into your frame rate as well.
  • Black: Black dragons are very strong, and their "fire" is green and poisons the player, causing them to lose a lot of life very quickly. An expensive but very dangerous cell. Even more frame lag though.
  • White: White dragons are not as strong as black dragons, but they freeze people. Because their attack is continuous, the person may stay frozen for a long time. However, they also yield a hefty price tag in terms of cash and cp. They cannot freeze master/gold golems.

    * - Pierce means their attacks can go through friendly cells to hit enemies. Example, if you summon a black blazer behind your own golem, it cannot shoot anything in front of it, but a white blazer's shot will go through the golem to hit the enemy.

    Thanks to Diaspora for helping me with some information.

    Last Edited: 2011-08-13
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