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Ladder Mode

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Ladder Mode Ladder mode is a basic mode(no stats) game with no pots, no cells and you're ranked and level separately than normal games. Ladder mode is only available for a certain time and then it resets and is removed until another ladder event.
-You gain 30 exp per kill.
-At higher levels you gain less exp per win, and lose exp per loss.
-Each game is only 1 round.
-Killing your opponents too fast results in a draw.

Kill Times
Room SizeWin/Loss TimeExp Gain
1v1After 2:30100
2v2After 3:20120
3v3After 4:10140
4v4After 5:00160
5v5After 5:50180
6v6After 6:40200
7v7After 7:30220
8v8After 8:20240

  • Lumans Tower

    Ranking System
    Rakion Ladder

    Thanks to Yoshi for some of the win/loss times.

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