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Item Farming Stage 53

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Item Farming: Stage 53
You can get items from killing bosses in stages 49 through 55. Stage 53 is the easiest, easiest class is with a mage. The following method will allow you to farm the whole stage, killing all 3 bosses, with minimal effort and without having to summon.(Note, if you don't have a mage and just want to get an S, I suggest finding someone to help you).

Item drops are detailed below instructions.

If you don't want to read this whole thing, watch the Video

  • Step 1:
    Screenshots: 1 2 3
    When you spawn, you should see the big statue straight ahead of you, you can't miss it. Hide behind it so that nothing can get you.
    At 23 seconds, all the golems will spawn, the one that falls from the sky is the one you want. It will be off to the right of the statue, it should be relatively near you, there will be a direct path from you to it. Just popping off to the side of the statue should get the golems attention, when it starts coming after you, hide behind the statue and wait until it gets itself stuck on the opposite side of the statue where it can't reach you. Then ice it to death. If you have troubles finding which golem it is, the real boss is a higher level and will give more cp. Right when you kill it, you have a chance to get an item, and shortly after you kil it all the other cells will die. Right after killing it I run off to the side, around all the trees/rocks for protection, towards the bridge, by the time I get there the cells all die.
    *NOTE* Watch out! Attacks that missed you actually have the space in some instances to curl around and come back again!

  • Step 2:
    Screenshots: 4 5 6
    Cross the bridge, and run to the right around to where the next bridge is, go under it (you'll be near the edge of the island) and then hide on the opposite back corner of the pillar that's after the bridge that is down. This sounds a little confusing, just refer to the screenshot. Here, a golem will spawn first, nothing else will see/attack you, just fireball the golem and it will shortly die. You will have to be close enough to the pillar to where the golem rock hits the pillar and not you. Don't worry about the fact that one of your fireballs will hit the pillar. Shortly after, two icewinds will spawn, the one that's closer to you, and that you have a more direct shot on, is the right boss. Fireball it and wait for all the cells to die.

  • Step 3:
    Screenshots: 7 8 9
    Cross the third bridge, but either stand right at the edge of the bridge to where you're over the island but still on the lip of the bridge, or set foot on the island briefly and then hop back on to the bridge and head back. The bridge will go up, taking you with it, you'll be safe on the 2nd island and capable of fireballing the next boss. Go back near the area where you were safe in step 2, but I'd say back up a little further for safety. Look ahead at island 3 and after a little bit a bunch of dragons will spawn. The 3rd one from the left is the right dragon. Fireball it to death! You can shoot 4 fireballs before 1 even hits, you can probably kill with 2 or 3. Sometimes 1 will miss though. Then just simply hide behind a pillar and wait for it to die and the game to end.

    Tada! You've now killed all 3 bosses (and hopefully got some good items but I doubt it haha). This method should get a mage with decent stats an S fairly easily. If you don't quite have the stats, particularly the move speed, you'll just have to be more careful and accept longer run times. All things considered a full run will take less than 4 minutes.

    Obviously people item farm because they want items!
    You can get almost any gold item, armor/rings/amulets/enchanting metals/cells.
    This includes power user items!
    You will mainly get potions though, lots of potions.
    I don't believe you can still get event items like elementals from stage farming, HOWEVER:
    You can get capsules and therefore you can get anything, even kings.
    The chances of getting anything good is dismal though. The odds of getting a capsule are small, and the odds of getting something good in a capsule are incredibly small.
    Sidenote: If you'd like to know more about rare items, check out some of the following pages: Elementals Special Items Event Sets

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