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Gems Each item can have 6 gems inserted into them to enhance their stats. Socketed items cannot be posted. There are currently 3 different types of gems.

  • Type 1: Stat Gems
    Stat Gems
    These circular gems add stats, there are currently gems that add armor, energy, cp, and cell destruction.

  • Type 2: Effect Gems
    Effect Gems
    These square gems add efects, there are currently gems that add life leech, fear, curse, and freeze.

  • Type 3:
    Unknown Gems
    These gems are currently not implemented. WARNING: You cannot close one of these slots after opening them because no gems exist for this slot, if you wish to post an item, do not open this slot.

    Using Gems:
    Gem Hammer
    -Use a hammer to open a slot.
    -Insert a gem.
    There is a chance that inserting will fail. If this happens the gem will be destroyed and the slot will be closed. Additionally, other gems in the item can be destroyed/closed as well. It appears as if effect gems are more difficult to set than stat gems.

    Removing Gems:
    Gem Remover
    Using a Gem Remover will destroy the gem and close the socket. If there is no gem in the socket you cannot use a gem remover and therefore cannot close the socket.

    Last Edited: 2011-09-20
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