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Free Cash

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Option #1


My earnings :)

Not a get-rich-in-20-minutes thing, but you can make money, and turn it into cash. This is for people who either have no money to spend on cash, have no way of paying for cash.

Admittedly, this becomes a bit of an advertisement. This website pays small amounts of money to do simple tasks. Most of these tasks require no credit card, and are simple things like short surveys, filling out forms, joining other websites, etc.
You also get a bonus for referring people, so please, signup using my referral link:

(Don't be put off by the silly layout!)

Quick Tips:
  • Use multiple e-mails, using a new e-mail increases your chance of approval.

  • Read descriptions carefully, some of the phone offers charge you.

  • Tab, arrow keys, and enter are your best friend.

    This website is best if you know what you're doing. Refer to the ultimate guide at http://forum.treasuretrooper.com/topic/32394-the-ultimate-treasuretrooper-guide/ to better understand everything there is to know about this website.

    Option #2

    Another very easy thing you can try is basically like a less intrusive version of spyware, except you get paid for it. It displays ads on websites while you're browsing, and they're usually quite small and in the corner. Check it out:

    Option #3

    If you're interested in finding more options to make money online I can also another websites that is a bit different.
    HubPages is a site where you write articles and earn money when people visit and read them.
    Here is my HubPage profile!


    You will need Paypal for these! But you can make an account for free, and even if it's unverified you can receive and send limited amounts of money.
  • Create a paypal account, and though you can use an unverified account, to verify you need bank account information. If you're underage and your parents don't agree with things like this. Explain to them that it will simply be a medium for transfering money you earned for free to the video game you play, it will not cost them or you any money.

    Last Edited: 2012-09-03
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