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Frame Lag

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Frame lag is when your frame rate is too low and it becomes difficult to play Rakion. (You can view your frame rate by hitting * in game, or using a program like Fraps)

This issue relates to computer performance and is a major issue to address.
Possible options for you to improve your Rakion performance include:

  • In-Game:
    -Turn down your resolution or textures
    -Turn off shadows
    -Play games with fewer cells/players
    -Enable Pre-Loading
    -Turn off blood

  • Overall Computer Performance:
    -Scan for spyware/adware/viruses (I recommend TrendMicro Housecall and/or Spybot S&D)
    -Clear temporary files (I recommend using CCleaner)
    -Fix registry errors
    -Defragement your hard drive
    -Clean dust from your computer fans
    -Close open programs when playing Rakion
    -Uninstall/delete unwanted programs/files

  • Overclocking:
    This is an advanced aspect of increasing performance, you have to know what you're doing! Do your research!
    -GPU Overclocking is usually available within the advanced settings of your graphics drivers.
    -CPU Overclocking is generally more difficult and done through the BIOS.

    Last Edited: 2011-10-01
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