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Deathblow Rings

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Deathblow Rings
Check out our Deathblow video on Youtube!

*UPDATE* Softnyx has set deathblows to 80% of their former effect.

Deathblow Ring
The deathblow ring has a special effect that significantly increases attack speed and decreases action delays. The exact effect is unknown but it's very obviously quite large.

  • Attack Speed: The bonus is incredible, perhaps even as much as 15 or 20 from a single ring. It seems to be even higher for special attacks, making them look as if someone hit the fast forward button.

  • Reduced Delay: Besides the speed, delays are lowered. This includes things like the speed archers can shoot arrows and mages can throw bombs. It won't appear so, but you can complete the action earlier than you can without wearing the rings.

  • Movement Speed: The deathblow ring may affect movement speed as well! However, this is untested and doesn't seem to be incredibly noticeable.

    Thanks to Epilogue for pointing out the deathblow nerf to me.

    Last Edited: 2011-04-09
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