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Damage Multiplier

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Damage Multipliers Different cells have different multipliers that affect how much damage they do. Their actual damage is simply their attack * their damage multiplier.

Full Damage(1.0)
Every king cell does full damage, except the soccer leopard king. Musketeers and the black reindeer punch (not pound) also do full damage. Meaning, the attack that is displayed is the damage they deal.

Half Damage(.5)
All normal cells(Except naks and crossbows) do half the damage their attack displays as.

Third Damage(.33)
The soccer leopard is the only cell that does 1/3rd of its attack in damage.

Fourth Damage(.25)
All naks and crossbows do 1/4th the damage their attack shows.

Unique Situations:
  • White Blazer: Each shot does 2/3 the displayed attack.

    Last Edited: 2011-04-02
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