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Connection Guide

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Connection Guide
Everyone knows Rakion suffers from some lag/connection issues, but there are several things that can help.
Rating: The more *s the more effective it is.

****Port Forwarding - Useful in improving connection rate.

***Router Firmware - It is important that if you use a router your firmware is up to date, this is usually done by finding a firmware section in the router config. The router config is typically accessed by putting an IP into your browser, the ip varies from router to router based on who manufactored it. To find out your router IP try to google your router type and IP. Example, I typed in linksys router ip and within the first few results I found that the router config IP for a linksys router is When you get in there you will have to search around for a section on firmware, and many routers can automatically update the firmware.

*Connection Fix - improves connection(effectively reducing unconnected users), particularly useful in allowing users to play Rakion while on a LAN.

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