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Class Advancement

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Each class is capable of upgrading to an advanced class upon meeting certain requirements.

Class Advancement Requirements

  • Level 99
  • 50+ S ranks
  • 1000+ Wins

    Upon meeting the requirements, a cross-like icon will appear by your character's name in character select. This means you can play the class advancement stages.

    Class Advancement Stages

    There are 2 stages. You must get an A on stage 1 to unlock stage 2. You must get an A on stage 2 to advance your class. However, you will get a free CP bead and an advanced mercenary weapon if you get an S on stage 2. You cannot replay these stages after you advance your character!

    Advanced Classes

  • Archer: Crossbow
  • Blacksmith: Powerfist
  • Mage: Scythe
  • Ninja: Charkram
  • Warrior: Spear


  • You CAN use old weapons as well as new weapons when you class advance.
  • You will LOSE 773460 exp when you class advance. That is the amount required to hit 99, players with more experience may enter the advanced class higher than level 1. However, this loss of experience does not impact your overall ranking.


    Only advanced classes can wear beads, they are an additional equipment item similar to a ring. They can be enchanted but cannot use gems. They also allow the wearer to 'counter attack' by hitting Shift+W exactly when someone attacks you. You cannot be holding shift when you do this, you have to hit shift+W right when they attack and you both will get knocked backwards, taking no damage.

    Last Edited: 2012-01-15
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