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Character Overview

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Class Overview
This page will give a brief introduction into the general characteristics of each class.

  • Archer - Unsurprisingly, archer's focus is on range. They fire arrows quicker and move faster than the other classes' range attacks. Their basic is relatively useless, however, they have the strongest special in the game. This means archer invincible and archer special does a lot of damage. Archers' downsides are 2nd lowest move speed of all classes, fairly poor cell related stats, and only medium armor/energy.

  • Blacksmith - Blacksmiths have the highest armor and energy, and extremely powerful attacks. They have the strongest range in the game, the strongest basic, and can deliver a fairly powerful special that comes with 1 attack instead of a series. They have medium move speed, but unfortunately attack very slowly. Additionally, they have the 2nd best cell stats in the game. One other unique bonus is that they can still walk slowly while blocking. Blacksmith is considered by many to be the overpowered class.

  • Mage - Mages move the slowest, have very low armor/energy, and are generally the most handicapped class when it comes to 1v1. They have great cell stats, and good range attacks that deal decent damage. Their melee includes healing and winding away opponents, as well as a low-ranged basic swing that is often underestimated. But its best melee attacking is the ice attack, a powerful medium range attack. Mage is a team based character and takes significant skill and stats to be successful alone.

  • Ninja - Ninjas have the quickest attack, run the faster, and wield the most powerful grip in the game. Additionally, their special is decently stronger and can be initiated very quickly. They have a glide that makes them invincible as well. However, they have low armor/energy and an extremely weak basic attack. Their range is a bit different than other classes, one shooting extremely weak but fast and spread out ninja stars, the other throwing out 9 short range stars that are powerful if many of them hit. Ninjas also have the worst cell related stats.

  • Warrior - Warriors are a balance between ninja and blacksmith; generally a very good pvp class, they have high move speed, medium level basic damage and attack speed, and a 3 hit special that can pack a serious punch. Their cell related stats are mediocre, as is their range attack. They have an armor/energy that is decently high, bested only by a blacksmith.

    To sum this all up in a nutshell, here is a table giving ratings in different categories from 1-5, with 5 being the best.

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