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Cell Enchanting

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Cell enchanting works just like enchanting does except you gain or lose levels for your cells. You can gain up to 5 levels, but can also lose up to 10 levels.
You can use cash or gold to enchant your cells.
The cash items are:
Enstatite: 300 Cash
Rakion Enchanting
Enchants all levels
Diopside: 700 Cash
Rakion Enchanting
Enchants all levels
The gold items are:
Apatite: 1000 gold
Rakion Enchanting
Enchants levels 1-19*
Peridot: 2000 gold
Rakion Enchanting
Enchants levels 1-39*
Tanzanite: 3000 gold
Rakion Enchanting
Enchants levels 1-59*
Kane's Blood:
Rakion Enchanting
450 cash - Increases enchanting power
BEWARE: Creatures can die past level 30!

Event Cell Enchant Items
Nak Core:
Nak Core
+1 Level
Golem Core:
Golem Core
+5 Levels
Dragon Core:
Dragon Core
+10 Levels
*note*: The numbers on these icons were the amount of event points it took to buy these cores.

* - While Softnyx states 1-19, 1-39, and 1-59, they can actually go up to 20, 40, and 60, respectively.

Last Edited: 2011-08-21

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