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Rakion Graphic Edits

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Graphic Tweaks
There are many graphical edits that can be made in the Rakion file "PersistentSymbols" a simple text file containing many lines of crucial information. These edits can provide many useful tweaks, many of which can either improve graphics or improve performance, refer below for more information.

To access the file find it in the Scripts folder, most likely found at C:\Program Files\Softnyx\Rakion\Scripts but if that does not work, simply search for it with Windows search. Open the file in notepad and you are ready to go.
*Note: After making edits like these, do not go into the game options provided by Softnyx as many of these edits will then be automatically reset to normal.

For Best Graphics

The ACTUAL maximum resolution.
You can set the resolution of Rakion higher than 1024x768, though it is not selectable in the game options. Open the PersistenSymbols file and find:
persistent extern INDEX m_pixScreenWidth=(INDEX)####;
persistent extern INDEX m_pixScreenHeight=(INDEX)###;
Here you can set your resolution to be higher, simply replace the #### in the first line (ScreenWidth) with the width you want (ex: 1280), and the ### in the second line(ScreenHeight) with the height you want (ex: 1024). Your file will display your current set resolution where I have placed #s.

This edit will make things stay crisp looking at further distances, so there will be no more blurring of objects/textures that are not immediately by you. Find the line:
persistent extern user INDEX gap_iTextureAnisotropy=(INDEX)1;
Change the 1 to 16 and enjoy.

Widescreen Users
For those of you with widescreen monitors, and though the specific line for widescreen doesn't work, you can edit your resolution as mentioned above to be a widescreen resolution and it will work.

For Best Performance
Besides lowering resolution and textures.

Removing shadows.
Find the lines:
persistent extern user INDEX mdl_iShadowQuality=(INDEX)1;
persistent extern user INDEX ska_iShadowQuality=(INDEX)2;
persistent extern user INDEX plr_bCreateShadow=(INDEX)1;
Change the 1, 2, and 1 to 0.

Rave Rakion
Doing this will cause the walls and floors to turn into bright colors inside stages, and stages only. If you play in a regular game with this it will reset and you have to make the edit again. An example of "Rave Rakion" can be found in our gallery here.
Find the line: persistent extern user INDEX wld_bTextureLayers=(INDEX)111;
*NOTE* The 111 may be 110.
Change the 111 to any number between 10 and 50, the lower the number, the brighter and more solid the colors will be. Putting it too low may cause your game to crash, I prefer to keep it at 20 or 25. Also, if you go into a regular game and it resets, it may change the value to 110, which for some reason makes the textures appear rather bland, so you should change it back to 111. And one final note, sometimes it will reset at the beginning of any game (stages too) and sometimes it won't. So you may have to re-do it a few times to get it to work.

You can actually delete the PersistentSymbols.ini file and Rakion will automatically regenerate it, so if you get a display error and you can't get it to work right, I suggest just deleting this file.

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