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Welcome to the best Rakion guide website!

The unofficial Softnyx guide site for the game 'Rakion'

Updates in the past 7 days:


September 3rd - Fear
Armor effects has been updated, there may still be some errors though.
The Stat Calculator fear rates have been updated to include Wind and Demonic Forces.

August 30th - Wind
The Wind set has been added to the item database.

August 11th - Weapon Length
The Weapon Length page has been re-created, featuring detailed length information for all classes.

July 16th - Dynamic Signatures!
Dynamic Signatures have been fixed! A change in the Softnyx website prevented my script from updating user data; but this issue has now been resolved.

July 8th - Updates!
Stat Calculator v2.0 is now out!
Also, check out our latest youtube video.

June 16th - Rising Moon/Sun
Added the Rising Moon/Sun sets to the item database/stat calculator. Also updated Armor Effects to include a 3% leech on Rising weapons.

February 25th - Cell Dissolving
Released Cell Dissolving Calculator BETA.

February 20th - Cell Dissolving
I have discovered the formulas for gold and event cell dissolving and will be working on a calculator to be released soon!

January 8th - Grading
Added a page about grading.

January 3rd - Updates
Added 'Night Watch' to the item database. Updated the prices on some various other items.

November 25th - Class Advancement
Added the Class Advancement page. Many more updates regarding new the items/classes coming soon.

October 31st - New EXP Table
The beta of the new EXP table has been updated, so the stage reset calculator should still be accurate.


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